Clint Eastwood - Nice piece of Hickory

30 Views· 07 Sep 2021
Billy Jones

Baseball bats never run out of ammo. Garbage can lids make great shields. It has come time for the good and free people of planet earth to take to the streets and smash the heads in of ANYONE attempting to force you to do ANYTHING against your GOD given inherent rights and FREE WILL. There is a New World Order agenda at play worldwide unfolding fast. Now is the time to fight it before it is too late. Will you fight on your feet, or bow to your COMMUNIST earthly masters? I bow to no one except Jesus. I will die on my feet fighting tooth and nail before I bow to ANY of these elitist NWO dickbags. The time to stand and fight is waning by the hour... Get Baseball Bats. Smash in the heads of those illegally oppressing YOUR RIGHTS and you will find your situation begin to change... No bats... No freedom... History has proven this to be FACT.

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