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Daniel Andrews MP of Victoria is using FORCE to send healthy people to quarantine camps!

140 Views· 19 Oct 2021
Billy Jones
Billy Jones
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⁣Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews (communist) says they will use quarantine camps for the next pandemic & new variants! Seems Planned, like The Others... Keep up the pressure until all is dead, except at the top.' ~razorback11111
⁣Concentration camps for the healthy. Who knew it would come to this? I hope the good people of Australia rise up together and smash this guy's head in wit fucking baseball bats. I also hope that he lives for many years after as a vegetable with a feeding tube. After that I hope he dies and goes to hell where Hitler and Stalin repeatedly ass rape him until his karma is transformed and he is reborn as the piece of fucking shit he is.

Send this fuck bag an email:

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3 months ago

Interesting scenario for talking this murderous scum sucking psychopath out ,, but how about ,,,feet first into a slow wood chipper ?? Lots more to watch ,,and not quite as quick as a baseball bat ,, In fact everyone involved in this genocide should go exactly the same way .

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Dreamweaver 1 month ago

karam would be served, if we could vaccinate them ALL with the same stuff all at once!

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