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Dialektikon Teaser - Are you afraid of Moloch? WTF? New World Order Satanist Shit.

44 Views· 06 Sep 2021
Billy Jones

⁣Dialektikon teaser - are you afraid of Moloch? I found this while researching child sacrifice and moloch. This is some sort of commercial for a play about the ancient evil god, moloch...There is evil out there, and it has a face. This is it. ⁣After long hours of research I found that human child sacrifice was common in ancient times. Of course this is unsettling, but was it ever ended? Or, did those who practice this behavior just go in to secrecy? Nonetheless Joe Biden said a few months back in a televised speech, "We are not hiding people, or drinking the blood of babies..." He said this unprompted. Statements like these have left many to believe that those in power are a bunch of baby eating, blood drinking, adrenochrome addicted cult members that belong to an evil ancient cult, known as the cult of the black cube of Saturn. Arthur Moros wrote a book with the same title and met with an untimely death just following. Mystery surrounds history and most of what we were taught is only half true or not true at all. There is strength in Jesus and the Buddhas. Link: ⁣⁣https://www.triarchypress.net/dialektikon.html
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