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Dominion Sets Sights On Florida: Secretary of State Illegally Hides Secret Meeting

22 Views· 10 Nov 2021
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⁣Dominion sponsors "Florida Supervisors of Elections" - In Florida, every county has a supervisor of elections. These supervisors have their own professional organization, the Florida Supervisors of Elections. Until 2019, their name was the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections, which made their purpose far clearer. But then two years ago they changed it to the current name, “Florida Supervisors of Elections,” which hides their real purpose and makes them look like an official government body. Their website looks almost exactly like an official government website. It includes links for registering to vote. It has a calendar of election dates. It has a whole battery of links to other state election websites. It has a profile photo for the current chief of the organization, whom you might come away thinking is the holder of an official statewide post.
But of course, the Florida Supervisors of Elections organization is not a government body. It’s just a professional group representing all the county supervisors.
That might be all right if it were just a boring organization nobody had to pay attention to. But the Florida supervisors are not that. They’re staking out political territory. Last month, they released a statement, claiming that concern about fraud in the 2020 election is undermining, quote, “the integrity of our democracy.”
This group presents itself as a body for organizing and training 67 different election supervisors. If they’re then putting out statements assuring everyone that our elections are perfect, and we should ignore the obvious problems with mail voting and everything else, what exactly is the group teaching its members?
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