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WEF | World Economic Forum's Agenda

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rwmalonemd@rwmalonemd·Posted on 4:41 AM · Jan 4th, 2022 Here is the World Economic Forum Strategic Intelligence map that people have been asking for, the one that I posted on my last day on the platform. https://intelligence.weforum.o....rg/topics/a1G0X00000 on 4:41 AM · Jan 4th, 2022

----------------------- and here's a video on how you can navigate it ..........
The Vile Agenda of the World Economic Forum https://www.bitchute.com/video/n66zmbgonf4/ - English - September 1, 2020.https://intelligence.weforum.org/ Click Covid-19 ! https://intelligence.weforum.org/ Dann auf Covid-19 klicken! https://intelligence.weforum.org/topics/a1G0X000006O6EHUA0

Der Perfide Plan des World Economic Forum
https://www.bitchute.com/video/wYf-3PhzAJM/ - Deutsch - August 2, 2020

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WEF | World Economic Forum's Agenda

⁣WEF, World Economic Forum, Agenda

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ItIsTimeNow 19 days ago

We all know it’s not about a virus ... it’s about bringing in the NWO.... but the jabbed are already under control it seems

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