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DT Parent reads communist pornography from the book "Gender Queer" - Gets shut down!

205 Views· 27 Oct 2021
Billy Jones

Orange County, Florida School Board Meeting today - Concerned Parent reads from a book in the school library named “Gender
Queer.” School Board tyrannically shuts him down.

You know what to do friends, make the Orange County, Florida School Board famous…

#resist #gobrandon lgb #fjb #letsgobrandon #randpaul #rrestfauci #jesus #medicaltyanny #fauci #thegreatawakening #alecbaldwin #news #politics

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luk123 1 month ago

These demons hate it when they're called out and exposed in public ,,this needs to be made public ,

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Stop Estafas - Stop Scams

Take him out, I dont wanna hear the repulsive shit we use to destroy their children

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