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Episode 25- The Funded Project Holiday Special- EPIC Fireworks- Projects Funded!

12 Views· 21 Nov 2021
Host Rick
Host Rick
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⁣We gave 6 businesses a total $15,000 in cash and services and put on the largest private funded fireworks show on in Madison County. Urban Fresh got the bus wrapped by Lucian Agape', who got sponsored for over half of the cost of his website build, Rusty Spoke Café only had to cover gas money for a freezer repair that would have cost the business $4,000.00 fully covered by The Funded Project and Rick is giving away the 2 outdoor spaces for vendors bought and paid for at the summer days fest by TANL this coming weekend. Home Evolution Services got sponsored for a $3,000.00 customer management system free of charge to them, and Fast Response gets fees waived to expand that will bring countless jobs to Madison County. The Funded Project also covers the costs of video production for the for the forthcoming Soul fest in August. Watch Rick and Doug unbox fireworks as they prep for the show, a city-wide BBQ and a great future for many caused a celebration like none other.

A special shout-out to Frank Nitty and Vain Metals as they were accepted into The Funded Project’s Sponsored business backer program, we cannot wait to see this grow! Frank can fabricate anything out of recycled metal and Rick has a plan to help this business become a multi-million dollar fabrication facility.
The Rusty Spoke Café got sponsored for 70% of the cost for the Metroplex restaurant management system with the live-on-the-fly wireless order processing system built into it, a new state-of-the-art point of sale system that was developed by Metromedia Funding Solutions with a contactless payment system, and the first of its kind to go into Iowa allowing the start-up café to have the upper edge on every business in a 100-mile radius of her business.
Lucian Agape' gets a 3D VR server website with a customer management system that is capable of carrying this new business into a bright future, Rick gave him the credit card processing program totally free of charge.



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