Shopify Overview: A general overview of the Shopify POS System

09 Apr 2021

Shopify POS Overview:

Hi There! In this video, I take you through a general overview of Shopify POS.We have a look at Shopify POS.

It’s great to have if you not only want to sell physical goods from a store. You can also have the POS system mobile and take payments from any pop-up, stall, marketplace or anywhere else.

The mobile swipe facility allows you to connect the device to your smart phone and take credit card payments, no matter where you are.Talk to us about Shopify POS, and we’ll explain how it can fit your business needs.

If you run into trouble, or need to ask any questions about Shopify, get in touch with us across our social media channels and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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