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Freedom Rally Storms Shopping Centre | Police Attack With Batons | London 29.05.21

16 Views· 01 Jun 2021
Infinite Wisdom

Protesters storm the Westfields Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush, pouring in through the doors to cry their status as free and sovereign beings, opposed to the tyranny of forever lockdowns, dangerous mandates and other authoritarian atrocities of the New World Order. Police attempt to stop them from entering, using dogs and force, and form lines to break up the congregation. Piers Corbyn and his team broadcast to the bewildered shoppers from the first floor. The protesters, unfazed by the police intimidation, reconvene outside and celebrate a successful demonstration before moving on.

29th May 2021 - Freedom Rally - London

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Freedom Rally Storms Shopping Centre ✦ London 29.05.21

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