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Good thing he had his mask on to protect him! - WATCH!

107 Views· 15 Oct 2021
Billy Jones
Billy Jones
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⁣Good thing he had his mask on to protect him! Your daily moment of zen. Commentery by Steve Inman. Audio from Nintendo EXCITEBIKE!

Random fact. You are 100 times more likely to have a meteor fall out of the sky on your head than you are statistically likely to die from this flu that has a 99% survival rate. So wear a fucking helmet, not a mask!

Fair use act of 1976. Educational purposes. WEAR A HELMET!
Ypu only get ONE brain! PROTECT IT!

⁣#faceplant #resist #medicaltyranny #comedy #mask #safety #news #billyjones #nedkelly #fjb #letsgobrandon #gobrandon

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ShortOne 3 months ago

TFF thx guy!!

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3 months ago

we'll be seeing a lot mor5e of this ,,mask fuckwitteriness,, the new pandemic .

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