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Good Vibrations Podcast, Vol. 185: Billy Ray Valentine - Q Is A Psy-Op

32 Views· 01 Apr 2021


Host of the Infinite Fringe podcast, and researcher in his own right, Billy Ray Valentine guests to discuss a subject that divides opinion like no other. BRV has long been of the view that the so-called ‘Plan’ coming from the entity known as Q, is in fact a complex and sinister psy-op aimed at Truthers, giving the impression that forces for Good are working behind the scenes to bring down the Deep State cabal and expose their evil.

In fact, he maintains, this idea has come from this very cabal themselves, and he presents damning evidence to suggest that Donald Trump is not what so many have all their hopes invested in him being. The ‘Plan’ is not the first of its kind, BRV says, and has been all about getting those who might otherwise get engaged in direct action, instead sitting back and ‘watching the movie’ on the grounds that all is good, and “Q’s got this.’

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