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#20 Talk with Mike Jay | Mescaline - the world's first psychedelic

5 Views· 20 Oct 2021

Namaste welcome to Shaman’s Shed. Today I am talking with author Mike Jay. Mike Jay has written extensively on scientific and medical history. His books on the history of drugs include High Society: Mind-Altering Drugs in History and Culture and The Atmosphere of Heaven. He has presented at Breaking convention and today I am talking with him about his most recent work Mescaline- a global history of the world’s first psychedelic. You can find our review of his book over at https://www.shamansshed.com or link https://www.shamansshed.com/post/mescaline-mikejay

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00:00 Start
01:23 Mike's Story
06:58 Mike Jay's work: a perspective framed by peyote/Wachuma
10:56 Plural Universes
15:28 Psychedelic healing..the beginning of change or the start of commodification?
19:59 Be your own Shaman/healer
23:19 The doors of perception and Mike's influences
29:35 Archetypes, deities or consciousness
36:07 'The Hangover comes first'
42:03 Is there a link historically between Shamanism/psychedelic wisdom and cyclical change?
44:52 The Blue Tide - the mystery of Soma

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