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FORCED Door to door covid testing on CHILDREN! CHILD ABUSE! WATCH!

411 Views· 25 Aug 2021

⁣Look at the kid hold his head in pain. THIS IS CHILD ABUSE! The Demonic Hell-Spawn Are Going Door To Door Forcing Covid-Tests On Children in the UK. Anyone that's still believing that this is about healthcare is likely suffering brain damage from the swabs and vax. THIS CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY NEEDS TO END... NOW! If anyone comes to your home to attempt to harm you or your family under any circumstances, even under the false guse of "safety", it is your GOD given right to smash that person's, or those people's head or heads in, with anything you can find... A Brick, A Baseball bat, A Pipe, A Wok! these are some examples. #SaveOurChildren #timetoresist #billyjones

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