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Pfizer CEO refuses to take his own vaccine! - IT'S A BIOWEAPON! - Watch!

482 Views· 15 Oct 2021

⁣Pfizer CEO not taking his own vaccine and stumbling over his own words.
They are trying to remove this clip from the Internet so download it and share it everywhere. The reason he won't take it is because it is a BIOWEAPON, not a vaccine. #resist #medicaltyranny #news #billyjones #nedkelly #fjb #letsgobrandon #thegreatawakening

Fair use act of 1976. Educational purposes.

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luk123 1 month ago

i think he should be flown out to South A|frica and let those Zulus who protested last week give him their version of the jab + boosters..with those asagai ,,one in each kidney ,

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Forgotten Remedies
Forgotten Remedies 1 month ago

Pfizer employees are for some reason exempt from their own vaccine.
Consequently he's lying in spades, he'll never have it.
Pfizer were due to go bankrupt before their jab was allowed to be used, think about that for a moment.

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