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315 Views· 03 Feb 2021

⁣First published January 29th, 2021.
⁣Video taken from Eye Drop Media. - We have come so far in this journey from Dark to Light. I hope my new video can offer some encouragement and lift the spirits. We are winning. You're gonna love how this movie ends..
If you like the video and can support my work it would be great! Thanks very much to those who have kindly and generously donated. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/EyeDropMedia

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Rebelheartedkizz 9 months ago

This proves one thing. The stage is set. ANTICHRIST
Then the Lord God will have his final say! European commission..... Funny how the TRUTH jumps out. Berlin, germany.... interesting headquarters. That "divine"old serpent riding in on a dragon The USA now back under the control of the UK. Seeing as also israel ties into this mathematical equation..
Hallett... Kushner.... Farrow.... so on and so on. All trying to convince the world they are hero's. And saved everything. The lies never end! "The best is yet to come" ? yep it sure is. But not by the military or these people! They are Abaddon-destruction. Trump.
Jesus brings victory! No one else.
The fun for us "poor people" is the ELITE'S are the biggest joke to under estimate any of us. What a glorious day it will be when not one "stone" is left standing! Heaven and earth with rejoice!

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Truthseeker 9 months ago

I only wish but alas ?

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