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Is War Coming? The Fourth Turning and Top Five Prediction Systems...

57 Views· 16 Sep 2021

⁣Is War Coming? The Fourth Turning and Top Five Prediction Systems...
⁣The Fourth Turning - How does it compare to other top future predictions? From the economic Kondratiev Waves to the war-cycles from Arnold Toynbee and Joshua Goldstein. Are they predictions? Or plans? And is war inevitable? Add your comment on what you think below.

Introduction: 0:00
The Fourth Turning Crisis Comment Conspiracies? (Economic Update Forecasting): 00:34
Is it possible to predict the future? (Elon Musk vs. Warren Buffet): 01:05
Ron Baron Tesla Investor $1 Billion Headline: 01:29
The Government Fourth Turning Plans/Predictions: 01:57
Prediction System #1: Kondratiev Waves (K-Waves): 02:25
Trading with Kondratiev Waves: 03:33
What Happened to Nikolai Kondratieff?: 03:44
Prediction System #1: Economic Waves (Kuznets Cycle, Juglar Cycles, Kitchin/Business Cycles - Joseph Schumpeter): 04:02
Prediction System #3: Ray Dalio's Currency Cycles (Long Term Debt Cycle): 04:41
Ray Dalio Fox Interview on War and Fed Balance Sheet: 05:51
Bridgewater Associates Hedgefund Predictions: 06:19
Prediction System #4: Generations (Neil Strauss and William Howe): 06:42
What did Strauss and Howe do to benefit from these predictions (the fourth turning, millenials rising, lifeforce associates, and hedgeye): 07:26
The Government Connection (Al Gore, Bill Clinton): 08:17
Steve Bannon and Donald Trump (The Fourth Turning): 08:47
Linette Lopez on Bannon: 09:54
Is this a prediction or planned? (China's Debt): 10:21
Central Banks Buying and Repatriating Gold: 11:17
Prediction System #5: War Cycles (Quincy Wright, A Study of War, Arnold Toynbee): 12:26
Joshua Goldstein Long Cycles: Prosperity and War in the Current Age: 12:55
How do the 5 Prediction Systems Compare (Self-fulfilling Prophecies): 13:15
Prediction of Electric Cars a Conspiracy or Pseudoscience?: 14:14
My Opinion, Perspective, and Philosophy: 15:16

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