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Is OurTube good?

30 Views· 27 Oct 2021
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well here is good and bad

+every had great media
+ Everything organized
+ The great quality like 4k/1080p/720p of HD

- need to video tittle to 100 letters
-playlist need to 150 letters
- We don't know the discussions should be unlimited or 5000

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Infinite Wisdom
Infinite Wisdom 3 months ago

Wow i remember this site when it first started up. It had a very slow start as they were always working on the site and it had lots of problems. But now look at it! The team have done an amazing job on the new site ultimately and i think all the problems have been worth it as its definately up there now as one of the best none censorship platforms. I have no problems with the site anymore and its super fast and ive never had a video removed and have had a good experience here to be honest. I think the numbers will come here in time as it proves itself to be a worthy platform. Ive noticed it has huge waves of activety. I have used other platforms and they are rubbish with porn and adverts and so many errors and problems. I do prefer quality over quantity on a platform and this is lovely and friendly. Thats my thoughts anyway. Great video!

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TailslyMoxFox 3 months ago


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