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Southwest Airlines Busted Lying to Passengers About Their PILOTS WALKOUT!

59 Views· 12 Oct 2021

⁣Southwest Airlines Busted Lying to Passengers About their PILOT'S WALKOUT! Soutwest airlines recently made vaccines mandatory. And, their pilots walked off the job leaving thousands of flights grounded. Southwest then lied to passengers saying that the cancellations were due to weather. Passengers find out they were lied to and are upset. Communism is built on lies. Freedom is based on truth! #resist #medicaltyranny #southwest #billyjones #news #fjb #nedkelly

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luk123 12 days ago

They are all lying about the jabbed figures,, BBC are really on a roll at the moment ,,everything is about getting jabbed ,,it seems as they're getting slightly twitchy ,

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