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arktekice 2 months ago

Thats what we all need to do. Take the poison pill and shut the entire system down. As he said, make it completely ungovernable. Dont go to work, dont pay taxes, dont pay rent, just spend what you got on food and water and ride this bitch out. Eventually we phase into black markets using gold, silver, or the good old barter system. What good is a billionares money if no one uses it?

The biggest problem holding the entire thing up are the brainless sheeple that simply refuse to wake up. But they are mostly vaccinated now. Its gonna come down to enough of them dying so the rest of us can follow through with it. Many of them got placebos, but we have no idea how many. I would say less than 20%. This is a genocide program. THey only gave out the placebos to avoid making it too obvious.

I think its gonna come down to timing. We gotta wait until enough people die from these vaccines, then the system WILL eventually shut down. THeres gonna be some pockets of heros and panic, in the process which will enable them to declare marshal law, but the good news is I dont think they hit their target. There is still nowhere near the number of people vaccinated that they had anticipated.

Remember here in the states, the military is now mostly vaccinated liberal morons who are still trying to figure out what sex they wanna be. All the badass smart soldiers are out and on our side now. They pissed the special forces, and the most trained pilots in the world off. BIG MISTAKE!!
Better keep hittin those situps. If your ass isnt in shape, your running out of time to do it.

This is my mission and has been the past 7 months. Train harder each day, watch for suspicious targets, set and practice your escape routes, prepare for the worst. If the worst comes and we lose comms, we go into french resistance mode. That means we sabotage government buildings, vehicles, everything. We make it so difficult for them to carry out their mission until they collapse. Remember they are on the side of evil. And when you fight on the side of evil you fight among cowards, criminals, and fools. When you fight on the side of good, you fight among wise, honorable men who will fight and die by your side. The winner will be the most committed. This is our advantage. Evil morons are only committed to themselves, they care nothing about any cause. These people fight, and bicker among themselves over their own egos. We know this is going on right now between the president and vice president and their staff. They are struggling to keep it a secret but these people dont just hate us, they hate each other. They can be destroyed from within, without hardly firing a shot.
If we all stopped using the billionaires money, and their system, these people would be on their knees in a week.

This is likely going to get very serious and very ugly folks, but the reality is, this was imminent. If you look at what these people have done to us the past 20 years, there is no mistaking this was going to happen either now or 10 years from now. Even so, there is no turning back. They just started vaccinating children. This is the rubicon they crossed, and there will be NO crossing back. We are at war.

Get your ass in shape folks. You cant fight, run, hide, duck, roll, heal, and survive on small morsels of food and rationed water for long periods of time, if your body isnt in shape. A gun is helpful, but wont save you much if your fat and slow. You need to start getting used to being uncomfortable. You need to be able to set your alarm at randomly set times in the middle of the night and be able to get your ass out of bed in the middle of the night and dressed and on the move in the cold of night in minutes flat. You need to be able to just get your ass out of your comfy chair randomly and go outside and run around the block as hard as you can without even thinking about it and barely breaking a sweat. Remember there is likely trained forces dressed as immigrants moving across the southern border every single day now. And are being whisked off to strategic places throughout the states.

Welcome to the New World Order. Fun times ahead.

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Music Monster
Music Monster 2 months ago

wow thank you. A bit of hope

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spec4 2 months ago

LTC Bosi has the stones to publicly name the enemy of Australia and for that matter that of all humanity...Freemasons , see his video prior to this one:

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newmic 2 months ago

Here in Canada we follow Australia, UK, and France in the restrictive measures by a few weeks. Still it is coming our way. This military guy speaks the truth. A bunch of idiot politicians and cops won't be able to stop a RAGING population against them. I only wish it was done sooner and EVERYWHERE around the world would do it everyday until all stops.

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2 months ago

Nice one ,,,2 films 2 rays of hope . just got to sort out the UK fuckers , warm up the wood chipper ,,

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