⁣⁣The Apollo Set Filming - B Roll

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
11 May 2021

⁣⁣The Apollo Set Filming - B Roll

Very Interesting. Also check out: Stanley Kubrick's Apollo Confessionhttps://odysee.com/@TruthWillOut:8/Stanley-Kubrik's-Apollo-Confessions:c?r=HDXSys2pWcRESAMAUFWU6NFzNNx3HXos

"Why Haven't you heard about any of this? = "Mockingbird and Google!"
This is why: Operation Mockingbird - Worldwide Disclosure
Mockingbird is 100% Still In effect TODAY! It is and much more sinster/dangerous today
Videos of Senate Hearings and Wonderul interview with George W
Google is evil
"The vast majority of the American public think if a result appears 1st or near the top on google search results then it is much more reliable and trustworthy than other results" - Current Sr. Google Engineer
Sheeple think: "How could ALL the News be lying to me?"
This is how, and most of us fell prey to this as well: If you ONLY search using Google, you remain asleep. They only show you the same curated and heavily censored "information" that they spam on through all broadcasts.
I even continued this trap for a month or so after I awakened. It is a very convincing illusion, especially considering that to the majority of the world the name of the whole process of researching information is referred to as "googling it".
The scientific method - "Science....automatically rules out any notion that cannot be tested and repeated. If an idea is not testable, repeatable, and observable... it is not considered scientific."
Therefore anything google tells you is true should be verifiable elsewhere, using any search engine that exists. There are more than a dozen, and most people only know 1.
Note* FACT CHECKS almost exclusively appear first on Google and this is not repeatable using any other engine.
Censorship in Big Tech
Google's Head of Global Analysis Platforms Are Influencing You In A Way You Didn't Sign Up For
Google Exposé Taken Down By YouTube Ahead of White House Social Media Summit
Current Sr. Google Engineer Goes Public on Camera: Tech is "dangerous," "taking sides"

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