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#22 Talk with Kimba Arem | Music Therapist | Molecular Biologist | Sound healing

4 Views· 20 Oct 2021

#22 Talk with Kimba Arem | Music Therapist | Molecular Biologist | Sound healing. Namaste, welcome to Shaman's shed. Today im talking with Kimba Arem. She is an international recording artist, engineer and molecular biologist. She is a classically trained musician, subtle energy and music therapist. After a near death experience in 1992, she had a spiritual awakening and began her journey of healing. She has appeared on gaia tv on programmes such as psychedelica and worked on the groundbreaking movie secrets of water. She has worked on advanced technologies such as the bio well and has her own private practice providing sound healing, herbology, alchemy, homeopathy, nutrition and much more. I am delighted to welcome Kimba to Shaman's shed.

#KimbaArem #GaiaTv #SoundHealing #secretsofwater #psychedelics

00:00 Start
01:18 Kimba's Story
11:34 The ‘onepointedness’ of the
monochord and higher brain
21:24 Sound as a carrier for consciousness
-a lost wisdom
28:01 The importance of the holistic approach
and placing consciousness into
healing practices
36:22 Life is music and most of us are
out of sync...
42:19 The planet is unwell, the planet has a virus..
59:57 The next octave of consciousness
and non duality...the gateway
01:12:57 Cymatics and secrets of water
01:20:46 The power of 432 Hz
01:30:38 Healing and cutting edge technology
01:41:44 Duality - the prison holding consciousness...

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