Young Woman Collapses in Hospital after Covid Vaccination - Argentina

Melissa Lev
Melissa Lev
22 May 2021
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Fane2000 2 months ago

Fuck their vax...i will never take it

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centricium 2 months ago

It depends what part of the brain or spinal column gets damaged by the jab juice...sometimes seizures, sometimes Bells palsy, and other times numbness or partial paralysis. Sometimes full blown paralysis or stroke. Some or most don't experience any major (immediate) effects but that could be due to the differing concentrations and the random flows into all the various blood vessels and organs. The vaccine makers are unwilling to admit this and have zero liability. These criminals know this and must be held accountable.

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fanboy 2 months ago

She is probably just having a seizure, obvious from the way her legs are having a spasm.

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Melissa Lev
Melissa Lev 2 months ago

@fanboy Seizures are one of the side effects of the covid vaccine, many others having this reaction from the shot

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