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Billy Jones
Billy Jones
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Let's take a look a 2000 year old stone circle called Miami Circle in Florida. The Miami Circle is marked with these limestone blocks and has a diameter of 38 feet. The actual circle is buried underneath the soil and is made of solid limestone bedrock. You can see that this enormous bedrock has bizarre holes carved all over it. Archaeologists have confirmed that these holes are not naturally created and were made between 500 B.C and 750 A.D. This is a very unusual structure because we have all seen stone circles around the world, but this is one single piece of circular bedrock. There are no such ancient structures found anywhere in the world.If you ask the locals in Miami, there are two stories: One, it is a modern structure built as a part of a septic tank. You can throw this story out the window, because experts have shown some solid evidence to prove this is an ancient structure. The second story circulating around is that it was built by Giant Mound Builders who ruled this place a long time ago. This is backed up by old Newspapers which have shown numerous times that giant skeletons were found under mounds in Florida.Now, about 6 months ago, I showed you some ancient stone circles in Ohio. At that time, I was just getting started with researching ancient structures in the U.S, and in Ohio, there are people who swear these were built by Giants. The stone circles in Ohio were also built 2000 years ago. So you can see a common pattern emerging between sites that are separated by thousands of miles. Stone circles, mounds, giant skeletons. Standard historians and archeologists will tell you that Native Americans existed as different clans in different areas with no communication between them. But, you can see beyond a shadow of a doubt that a particular group of mound builders created similar structures all over the U.S. Experts will also tell you that this circle was built by a tribe called Tequesta and this is surprising for a lot of different reasons. I’ll give you some of them: standard archeologists say Tequesta people were semi-nomadic people, did not practice agriculture and they did not build any permanent structures. But why would they create a permanent structure like Miami Circle?Problem number 2: two basalt axe heads were found on site. These axe heads were much larger than usual, but what’s more interesting, Basalt is not found anywhere in Florida. Closest place you can find it is in Macon, Georgia about 600 miles away. So, understand it is impossible to transport items found 600 miles away, unless you have a great civilization with established trade routes. Now, at that time, there were no horses, no pack animals which means you have to walk six hundred miles to put these axe heads here. We look at ancient mysteries all over the world like Mayan Pyramids and Machu Picchu, but there is plenty to be seen in the U.S. But ancient structures are not respected in the U.S. Believe it or not, people wanted to demolish the Miami Circle, because this property is worth 10 million dollars and located right in the middle of downtown Miami. College students and activists had to protest and save it. And today, you can see something that is over 2000 years old and people are using it to walk their dogs here, to say the least. Let’s hope they at least put a fence around it in the near future.Please visit http://www.phenomenalplace.com for intriguing and interesting places on the planet.

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