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39 Views· 18 Aug 2021

A tyranny exists when everything that is not forbidden is strictly compulsory. In many places we are under the tyranny of masks and vaccine mandates. In human relations there have always been barriers for some kind of persons to interact with a different kind of persons. In the past, race was an important factor in human relationships like friendship, marriage or even business but race is not a factor anymore, at least not a very important one, however, there are still barriers to interact with other individuals, like language and culture and ideological is a big one. It's very difficult for a conservative to establish any kind of personal relationship with a progressive-marxist-communist type or let's say for instance a Christian woman with a Muslim man. We are already a divided society and to make things worse, this fake pandemic has created another two kinds of people with irreconciliable differences: The vaccinated (who believe the official narrative) and the unvaccinated (who do not believe a word from the government). Some unvaccinated people have created internet sites and apps to meet like minded people, not only for romantic relationships but for business or any kind of social engagement. It didn't take long before Google and Apple started banning those sites on the base of "disinformation". Those tech giants, play the role of "all powerful gods of the internet" that decide what is truth and what is not, what can be said and what can't.

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