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⁣Police choke a man out for disobeying lockdown! ⁣Queensland, AU!

55 Views· 22 Aug 2021

⁣Police choke a man out for disobeying lockdown! ⁣Queensland, AU! The police put this guy in a full wrestling sleeper hold. His wife cries out "His face is turning blue, you're choking him.", and the cop replies, "I Know". = It is TIME TO RESIST! They can't arrest us all! SHARE! Subscribe! Check out the other vids on this channel! #timetoresist #holdfasttokicksomeass #billyjones #811

Fair use act of 1976. Educational purposes.

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MsheArt2 2 months ago

What is happening to Australia is criminal it could of stopped if people could see through the lies from the start and didn't complied in the beginning of 2020. The psychopathic self appointed "saviours" of Earth as they her with toxins and weather and climate
engineering , their only real power is the I'm only doing my job, the enforcers and lame stream media. Tough one to like, thanks for sharing.

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#RESIST 2 months ago

Please share on social media! the links copy and paste easily! AND THANK YOU! KEEP LOUD SISTER!

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