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Preparing For The End Of All Things | David Wilkerson

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Infinite Wisdom
Infinite Wisdom
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God is calling us to believe for and end time outpouring of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit cannot move in a church where there are people who hold grudges because of unforgiveness. We are not only called to forgive, we are called to cover the sins of others by not broadcasting the hurt that was done to us. God says the latter glory will be greater than the former Glory. Are you ready for the rain to start?

➤ Date of sermon: August 3, 2008
➤ Speaker(s): David Wilkerson
➤ Original Sermon(s): https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1990&v=Jk31TKjoYQc&feature=emb_title
➤ Footage: Storyblocks & FILMPAC, A.D The Bible Series
➤ Edited By: Robin Måhl

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