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Memo Sent to Biden Administration Equates School Board Protesters with Domestic Terrorists

83 Views· 10 Oct 2021

⁣The coup government hasn't even reached its first year and already we're at "face it America, you're the terrorist" territory.

The National School Boards Association is feeling threatened by the parents who have been speaking out at school board meetings against the ridiculous mask mandates, and in response the Biden Administration (sic) has been looking to intervene and is now instructing the FBI/DOJ to find ways to classify them as domestic terrorists.

The ability to provide feedback to elected and appointed officials is one of our fundamental rights as Americans, but since they have no reasonable arguments to stand on, Orange County School Board members have even resorting to limiting speaking time and banning signs in order to quash any dissent.

Desperate moves like this prove that more people are waking up and speaking out, which is causing the official narratives to crumble. We can expect the propaganda machine and bad actors to resort to extreme tactics in order to mischaracterize those who are pushing back against these senseless and abusive policies.


⁣U.S. school board group seeks help policing threats in states including Florida

⁣Posts mischaracterize school board organization’s letter to Biden

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Truth Warrior
Truth Warrior 2 months ago

Nice one Bruce

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Bruce Stanley on The State of Florida

Appreciate it!

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