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MEDICAL TYRANNY - FAKE NEWS & LIES - Not one word this bitch says is true!

39 Views· 09 Oct 2021

Not one word this commie bitch says is true. Not one fucking word. Fuck "Moscow Red". Fuck "Taliban Joe" and his rock boy son. There is a war being waged against you. The battle is for your mind, body and soul! Jesus saves! Jesus heals! Jesus loves!

The virus was created for you to get the "vaccine".
The vaccine was created for you to get the "vaccine passport".
The vaccine passport was created for you to get "social credit".
The social credit was created to make YOU a criminal for
YOUR thoughts. THINK. BE FREE. Stand for your FREEDOM NOW, or it will surely be gone tomorrow. - Jesus

#resist #teamjesus #jesushasaposse #jesusishere #jesus #nedkelly #billyjones #medicaltyranny

Fair use act of 1976. Educational purposes.

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Endtimes 2 months ago

I'm fairly certain the reason Potato heads friend couldn't be served is because he fired half the Medical Professionals nation wide for refusing to take the Big Pharma Death jabb, Raggedy Anne. Let's go Brandon!

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#RESIST - Billy Jones
#RESIST - Billy Jones 2 months ago

her code name is 'moscow red"

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