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Recondition All Types Of Old Batteries And Bring Them Back To 100%

29 Views· 02 Sep 2021

⁣Bring Them Back To 100% Here https://bring-batteries-back.blogspot.com

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flemtone 18 days ago

"Complete and utter Snake-Oil crap. I’ve worked with batteries for 30 years and this is complete and utter horse manure." - Bob

"Yes, it is often possible to recharge a presumably dead battery. And you can remove oxid from the terminals. And of course add battery water (distilled of course) to car batteries (when possible) to rejuvenate the electrolyte. But eventually the cathode and anode will be completely oxidized. Then the battery is dead and can’t be revived or reconditioned. That’s when you hand the battery in for recycling, where available. Some of the recycled parts can be used to make new batteries or something else. There is no way to go against the law of physics. I must agree with the first poster, Bob." - Harry

"I paid 178 dollars for the dvd and books, before you were spoutin e-book, why would I pay that much for on-line *swear word removed* , Im done ,It took me time to find your number, Called you twice .Got nothing, Know Im calling the FEDs, And then SUING YOU for no complients for over a year and half, THAY ARE BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Ron

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