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ROMANIA to the EU: - We will not accept "GREEN PASS" vaccine passports! - #RESIST

156 Views· 06 Dec 2021
Billy Jones
Billy Jones
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⁣⁣ROMANIA - We will not be making the BIOWEAPON "vaccine" Mandatory! - #RESISTRomania has a population of 19 million. They started the roll out of Covid
vaccines, but people said, nah, so government said okay then, and
gave up. Now, with a vax rate of 38% of total population; cases have
plummeted with a 7 day average of 1,364 per day. Their world did not
collapse, and if you're from a green list country (NZ is on that list
but not Australia - clearly they have good taste) they don't care
whether you're jabbed or not. Oh, and they want to know what's in the
vaccines, which if you ask me, seems like a sane question:

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spec4 2 months ago


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LeighP63 2 months ago

My respect for nations like Romania has soared recently, their politicians don't appear to all be bought and paid for traitors like those of so many European countries and their citizens appear to have brains and balls unlike the pathetic cowardly sheep that inhabit "great" britain.

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