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Your Halloween Decorations are RACIST! - YOU RACIST! - WATCH THIS GARBAGE!

83 Views· 04 Oct 2021
Billy Jones

The Halloween display on Emerson Avenue just north of Michigan Street is extravagant, with wood coffins, skeletons, a scarecrow and rickety fence. But many people in the Emerson Heights neighborhood on the east side find one prominent feature terribly disturbing, and it has resulted in the eviction of the home renter who put it up in his front yard.A stuffed dummy hangs from a pole with a noose around the neck and hands tied behind its back. Many passersby find this an offensive reminder of the lynching of African Americans."This is a part of life that people endured,” said Sity Wright, who lives in Emerson Heights. “People suffered. This doesn't have anything to do with Halloween. Nothing. It's scary, but to who?”

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MORE: https://www.wthr.com/article/n....ews/local/east-side- #Halloween #Controversy

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ShortOne 2 months ago

Pansies… get over it ? for crying out loud… it’s Halloween ?

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