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Stuffing my Bird

1 Views· 05 Oct 2021
Jobo Pooks
Jobo Pooks
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⁣© 2001 Jobo Pooks. Stuffing my bird. From the album “Christmas
Tripe.” Cat No/ FRJP5
⁣The night before the fat man clambers down my flue
It's time to stuff my bird, There's nothing else for me to do. I pull the giblets out an I rinse them in the sink.
I pull the legs apart, an it's juicy fine and pink

Do you want stuffin baby, do you want everything you see? I've got melon balls, will you be wantin them with cream? My sprouts are firm and salty, I've got a lovely piece of meat. An if you chew it slowly you'll enjoy the taste so sweet.

Something's wrong baby, there's a funny kind of smell.
I've checked the sell-by date, I've washed my hands and all is well. Where's it coming from? My socks are fresh my pants are slack. I had a taste before and I've got some stuck on my moustache.

Hold the flaps baby, keep those legs pulled far apart. I'll get as much in as I can don't make me laugh in case I fart.
Stick your hand over the hole to stop the contents spillin out. I'll stuff this onion in there before you start to scream and shout. Sage and onion,crispy skin. Sliced turkey, wafer thin. Mince pie, plum duff. Metty swinge has had enough.

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