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The "vaccine" is a BIOWEAPON. MASSIVE GRAPHENE BLOOD CLOT! - Cadaver Brain! - Part 1

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Billy Jones
Billy Jones
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The "vaccine" is a BIOWEAPON. It contains graphine/graphene, a nano particle to enable future man/machine symbiosis, IN KLAUS SHWAB'S OWN WORDS. Part 2: ⁣https://ourtube.co.uk/watch/ylT1RBVoSWKiXyW

Links: ⁣https://ourtube.co.uk/watch/peyLp4aZvT12LXc
The graphine cause blood clots. Look at this cadaver brain. New vids daily. Like. SHARE! Subscribe!
I chose not to add music as this is serious shit.
#timetoresist #whatsinthevaxx #vaccinedeaths #vaccinesideeffects
#billyjones #graphene #grapheneoxide #fjb #squaline
Fair use act of 1976. Educational purposes.

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2 months ago

Brilliantpost , i nce had a clot in my lung ,, I never imagined it could be that big ,,

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centricium 5 months ago

I take it the red "jelly" is not normal - blood clots?

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Billy Jones
Billy Jones 5 months ago


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A i
A i 5 months ago

great post

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