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The World Wants to Know ONE THING. - When Are AMERICANS Joining the FIGHT?! - #RESIST

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⁣The World Wants to Know ONE THING. - When Are AMERICANS Joining the FIGHT?! - #RESIST the fight against against #MEDICALTYRANNY. If we are not free to breathe air or to choose what goes in our own bloodstream, we are NOT FREE. Period.

Resist does not advocate breaking any laws and supports law enforcement and law enforcement officers. Bless.

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arktekice 2 months ago

Jan 6th pretty much took the wind out of that spirit up here in the states. They are now torturing those people in prison cells reserved for so called terrorists.
I'm not making my move until enough people have died, and the entire system begins to break down. I move by the darkness of night, and under the cover of chaos. We aren't there yet. We need the military that is now compromised by these bioweapons to be good and weakened. Both physically and morally. As more and more begin to lose their health, this will demoralize them. As the infrastructure begins to break down I will use that momentum and begin sabotage operations. I refuse to make any move until I see that I the advantage. And like I say we aren't there yet.
Yes I know people are dying by the day. There is nothing I can do but try and wake people up. This is war, people are gonna die. Including children. But there is nothing I can do beyond that point. This is a war on humanity. We make one mistake, we lose it all. I would rather make my move when I feel the time is right and I can then begin to do real serious damage. The situation is simply not at that stage yet.
I have my plan, I have my strategy, I train for it daily. When the situation arrives, I go into action. Stop sitting around and blaming others and get yourself a plan, get yourself a strategy. And train for it daily and wait for the opportunity to arise. That is the smartest thing you can do right now. If you go off half cocked without a plan of operations, you WILL fail. The future of humanity depends on success. And to achieve success, you gotta have a plan, you gotta work it from beginning to end on paper, then you gotta train for it. EVERY FUCKING DAY!
Im up to no less than 2.5 miles a day with 2.5 pound ankle bracelets on, and I hit 45 situps with 40 pounds on my chest with the bench set at a 35 degree angle last week. Goin for 50 next week. I have no regular sleep pattern. And Im now fully adapted to one meal a day on shitty canned food. I have every target I need to hit in my city planned out and how I plan to hit it. I have my escape routes set, I know exactly where I need to go once I hit my targets. I know exactly what my plan of actions will be, what tools I will need, the whole nine yards.
If your gonna do something people, you damn sure better have a plan, and you damn sure better know you can go through with it both physically and mentally. Otherwise your just wasting everyone's time.
We tried waking people up. We only got so far. The only way out of this now is complete collapse of the system. Once that happens you go into action. Right now most of the enemies you will fight in battle dont have the lay of the battlefield. YOU DO! I suggest you get on that shit right about now. If you haven't been in physical training since at least last summer, you arent truly committed. And you will be my decoys. You will die for my success. When they are chasing the fat asses around force vaccinating them, I will be working in the background doing my thing.
Sorry but thats just the way its working out. I know there are special forces out there doing the same thing. I plan to link up with them when the time is right. The only ones who will win this war are the smart, the skinny, and the most committed. If you aren't doing situps and pushups and pushing your body to the limit every week, your not committed enough. You have already lost this war. You are my decoys. And I'm very thankful for that. I WILL win. That is my end game.

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spec4 2 months ago

Ditto what the folks said...

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2 months ago

I really do hope they do what they say ,,it needs to be stopped..

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