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The MASKS are a Psy-Op! Look! Fauci is full of shit!

83 Views· 06 Sep 2021

⁣The MASKS are a Psy-Op! LOOK! Fauci is a fraud. He is not even a real doctor. Is it time to hopld this man accountable for crimes against humanity for withholding safe medical data and treatments in lieu of recommending and participating in a toxic genome altering vaccine graphene cocktail to experiment on humanity. Don't take this toxix shot. It contains graphene (see previous vis) and it also contains messenger RNA and spike proteins that weaken the recipients immune system, not strengthen it. Get loud. Refuse this toxic jab at all costs. #timetoresist #arrestfauci #psyopland #billyjones #stopthenwo

Fair use act of 1976. Educational purposes.

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