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Tony Byker - 'Dem King' (Feat.Mary Byker)

15 Views· 17 Mar 2021

From their Antipodal Points on the globe, Japan and Brazil , comes a new collaboration of former Gaye Bykers On Acid, Tony Byker and Mary Byker.
From the album 'Liquid Guru' available at
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Written & Produced by Tony Byker
Additional Lyrics and Vocals by Mary Byker
Visuals:Barry Convex & The Spectacular Optical
A One Eyed Cyclops Production

Dem king they rule yah
Dem church they fool yah
Dem army and police they shoot yah
But it we on the bottom that'll feed yah

Ain't nothin' but the truth

Everybody know their place
Time to turn around and face
The enemy
Me me me me

Corporation termite
They must consume everything in sight
Morning noon and night
What are they like ?

I see no end in sight

My best friend came back again
He was fighting
Doesn't know what for
Stock exchange went down again
Oh it's frightening
Better start a war
Gives me a hard on

They rule yah
They fool yah

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