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Tony Byker- 'Space Is Fake'

18 Views· 04 May 2021
Tony Byker
Tony Byker
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From Tony Byker's 7th album 'IXXI'
Available from Bandcamp on CD or download

Space is fake
Why the lie ?
If you ask that question
You’ll never understand
Just follow the breadcumbs
Just follow your heart
Let’s go explore
Let’s go find the door
To a new world
Eden there
When you want something more
When life is a bore
Try exploring space someday
Space is big business,
Gives mankind a place to shape
Our hopes and aspirations
Our dreams come crashing down
Remove that sense of purpose and
Dare to remove the shorud

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Superbuggg 3 months ago

Phaked Moon landings and phake SpaceX landings do NOT equate to 'Flat Earth is real'. There are filaments of plasma discharge hundreds of thousands of light years in length to be observed, ignore and scupper the wonderment of a view of infinity at you own peril meat bags!

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