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Tuna Couscous Salad

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In this video you'll see how to make tuna couscous salad. So if you want to prepare quick and healthy weeknight dinner, you'll love this recipe and variations I suggest you try.

Here's what I cover in today's video.

First, I show you the most basic method for cooking the couscous. Couscous is so simple to make and it's ready to eat in just 5 minutes. I use this ratio for couscous, 1 cup of couscous to 1 and a half cups liquid, but also can make it 1:1 (1 cup couscous to 1 cup water or stock) or 1:2 (one cup couscous to 2 cups water or stock).

Next, I suggest you how to season couscous with ground spices.

Now that you've got basic recipe for this salad, I go into the variations using different vegetables.

First variation is couscous with tuna, tomatoes, red onions and black olives.

Second variation is couscous with tuna, cucumber, red bell pepper and feta cheese.

Third variation is couscous with tuna, chickpeas, carrots and parsley.

Finally, you'll see how to make simple mustard lemon dressing that is perfect on all couscous salads I made.

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