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Urgent UK & Global Lawful Rebellion Against Treason Sedition

6,639 Views· 24 May 2020

⁣UK & Global Lawful Rebellion Against Sedition & Treason

Reddit Earth United - https://www.reddit.com/r/EarthUnited/
Facebook Earth United - https://www.facebook.com/groups/27476...

Crimes Of Sedition & Treason According To The Magna Carta & The Bill Of Rights.

You Are The lawful Rebellion.

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danielh3410 1 year ago

where's the follow-up video?!? maybe none (if this is fake news)

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Truthwarriors 1 year ago

The follow up is here https://ourtube.co.uk/v/leCEiW

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stefanC2828 1 year ago

For what ever reason the donate button is not working!!!

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Truthwarriors 1 year ago

Do you mean donate to the uploader here, or the person in the movie? You can donate to the uploader by using the donate button under the movie or if you wish to donate to the person who made the movie then that link is the written PayPal link :)

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Stillgoing 1 year ago

We need to do this in Canada

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Herodotus 1 year ago

I Have been saying all of this for over 20 years! A lone voice in the darkness. Please remember that ANY law created by Parliament are corporate laws. And corporate laws that come into conflict with the common law are in valid as common law must always take precedent!

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Mandamerset 1 year ago


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STAR333 1 year ago

Shared. And thanks, I have pieces of hope when I see this.

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