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WATCH! - ⁣⁣Jesse Ventura busts the vaccine conspiracy wide open! - SQUALINE!!!

511 Views· 11 Oct 2021

Jesse Ventura busts the vaccine conspiracy wide open! - SQUALINE!
THIS IS A MUST WATCH AND SHARE! Sterility! Sickness! It's happening! #resist #disobey #medicaltyranny #fjb #news #vaers #billyjones #nedkelly
Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squalene

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Superbuggg 2 months ago

The last time I saw this, I fell off my dinosaur! I can't trust Monseigneur Ventura, and this interview was only the second time Ms Laibow had come on my radar after her expose of Codex Alimentarius. now, however, I know Rima Laibow to be an absolute rock star! She nails is succinctly, and more authoritatively than any one I seen to date! It's genocide -don't tek the vaxx!

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luk123 2 months ago

Squalene comes from a shark ,,it was taled about a lot last year .. then nothing ,, some protection from the jabbed can be got by using NAcetyl Cysteine ,, combined with bromelain ,, apprently it reduces ther harmful effects of the spike proteins in the jab,, chlorine dioxide also helps greatly ,, very evil times my brothers and sisters.. we need to unite ,,there's no room for petty differencs or opinions ,,, if we don't ,,we're very royally screwed.

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Stop Estafas - Stop Scams

You can read more about the protocol in zelenkos web https://vladimirzelenkomd.com/treatment-protocol/

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Stop Estafas - Stop Scams

"a" protocol, not the protocol sorry, a study in Nigeria says only ivermectin is as useful as other 3 substances, a dude in Spain had to get the lawyer and the cops to the hospital , but got saved with Ozone therapy

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