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#27 Talk with Chaz of the Dead about the paranormal | Psychedelics and the paranormal and more.

14 Views· 20 Oct 2021
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Namaste. Today I talk with author and paranormal investigator Chaz of the dead. Combining the research of Psychonauts and Paranormal Investigators for the very first time in a modern and western tradition. Chaz travels the world looking for new locations and methods, and will try just about anything to witness something paranormal!

#Chazofthedead #ufos #paranormalexpeditionshuntforthefriendship #psychedelicsandtheparanormal #ufosightings

Chaz of the Dead Website: https://chazofthedead.com

00:00 start
00:50 Chaz's story
08:00 Chaz's psychedelic and paranormal experiments
19:38 UFOS, Ghost, Entities...are they related?
23:01 Shamanic spirits, flying discs, alien abductions, cultural perceptions of the same phenomenon?
28:50 Paranormal expeditions: The hunt for the friendship
43:20 UFOS..Biological organisms?
48:30 Future Projects
54:15 The Mushroom Eye on the Wall

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