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Young VAXXED mother removes a GIANT GRAPHENE BLOOD CLOT! - LOOK! - Part 2!

1,402 Views· 06 Nov 2021
Billy Jones
Billy Jones
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Young Jabbed Mother's Nose Bleed Turns Out To Be A Massive Blood Clot
"Safe and effective" and freaking disgusting! Graphene! Squaline! PLEASE SHARE! Part 1: ⁣https://ourtube.co.uk/watch/lDbfelFmBYNoYal
#resist #medicaltyranny #vaccinebioweapon #news #vaers #letsgobrandon #lgb #fjb

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Stop Estafas - Stop Scams

I was writing an article about the pros and cons of bloodletting lol. I think if i had seen it before i would only list the pros haha.

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3 months ago

She very likely just saved her life ,, i once had a clot on my lung ,, it was a dreaddful experience ,,

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